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As a work-at-home mom who is all about empowering and encouraging women, I am so excited about this post! This is the first of many female entrepreneur features I will be doing here. Each month I will feature a new “MOXIE MAMA“, a female entrepreneur who is rocking her business with passion and drive, with babies in tow. These women set out to make money from home, and they are making it happen! These women have moxie, the perfect combo of grit & grace — vigor, pep, boldness, nerve. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. If you want to be featured as the next Moxie Mama just fill out this quick form!

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Without further delay, let me introduce you to our first MOXIE MAMA, Holly Koyle! Holly is a mother of five who grew up in a small town in Idaho before moving to Washington with her husband. She started her Natural Based Makeup and Skincare business with Younique back in 2014 from home and has created an amazing business for herself since then! Holly was kind enough to answer some questions for us about how she does it.

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  • What made you want to get into the makeup and skincare business?
    I guess this kind of fell into my lap at a great time.  I knew since I was a little girl that being a mom was what I wanted and in my mind I wanted to stay home with my kids. I didn’t want to sacrifice my time with them by putting them in daycare to go work a job. After having 2 kids, I really wanted to find a way to earn money of “my own” and at the time YouTube videos were super popular. I was obsessed with makeup and watching women apply it in their videos. So I figured that was something I would love to do, and something I could do with my babies, but I never fully committed to that!Then after having my 3rd baby in 2014, I saw a post about Younique on Facebook and was instantly drawn to it. I researched it like crazy, I fell in love with Derek and Melanie and what the company stands for. I thought about it, talked it over with my husband, tried the mascara, and fell in love! By the next payday I purchased my $99 dollar kit and hit the ground running!
  • What is your favorite aspect of your business?
    That I get to do this while I am home with my babies!  A lot of times I can’t believe that I get to run a makeup business while I stay home with my kids, which is the first blessing and favorite part of this business that I’ve been able to experience. But after getting into the business and building a team, you watch this type of business bless others, their families and that is the true beauty of it.  Yes I am so thankful for what this business does for me and my family, but seeing it bless others is a incredible thing to watch and be a part of!
  • What are your thoughts on the skepticism and stigma surrounding Networking Marketing and other work-at-home opportunities?
    It’s hard to see people talk bad about network marketing, but I think when that happens for the most part it’s because they don’t understand the business. I know we aren’t perfect when we start this business and we get started with little to no training or experience at all, so we make mistakes which can give people a negative feeling about what we do.  BUT, I would much rather support a stay at home or single mom, college student or full time working mama who needs extra cash for whatever reason, then stop at Walmart, Ulta or Sephora!These type of women need my money more than those big stores and companies do, I feel like supporting my friends who have products they can offer me is a way I can help make a difference in the lives of women across the world.  I support my fellow network marketing women as much as I possibly can!

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  • What do you find is the biggest hurdle women face today when it comes to starting their own business?
    Believing in themselves, figuring out how to fit this into their daily routine and then staying consistent!
  • Have you ever struggled with your own confidence? If so, how did you overcome?
    Not really, I have done things that have scared me like applying makeup on stage at convention this August, but I’ve never let fear or my confidence keep me from doing something. I’ve always believed in myself. I’ve always known that I was the person to get things done if I wanted to do something.  I don’t count on others to help boost my confidence. I don’t count on others to motivate me to work my business. All of this is on me and I feel like that continues to get me far in life.I’m not saying I don’t get down at times and that I never need to pick myself up or that I am not there for anyone who is down and struggling with confidence. But we are the only ones who can grow from our fears when we face them, or become more confident when we overcome things that scare us! I really hope this doesn’t come off rude but we are strong as women, we can accomplish amazing things and we need to believe in ourselves more.
  • Every business gets hard at times. How do you get through the hard times?
    Keep going! Dive into training, personal development and never give up, it’s only temporary!
  • How do you balance motherhood with running your business from home?
    It’s never perfect! I know we all want it to be perfect, but we have to acknowledge that life is NOT perfect!  My home is never perfect, our meals are never perfect, my business is never perfect but I do the best I can and I am totally fine with that. When one area of my life is doing good there is another area of my life where I am lacking, but beating myself up over it never helps, so do your best and be ok with that!
  • If someone wanted to do what you are doing, how could they get started?
    Message me or go to my website and click the Join button.  I’ll add you to our training groups and I will help you get started!

As you can see, Holly is really rocking her home-based business! She does it with confidence, class, and moxie!


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