Looking for Lincoln middle names ideas? I’ve been working on an entire middle name series of posts, exploring all the great name ideas. So, if you’re planning to name your son Lincoln, you’ve come to the right place to find the perfect middle name. Below we’ll explore lots of name ideas, including unique middle names, and more traditional name ideas.

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Popularity of the Name Lincoln

Although Lincoln is used for boys name or girls name, it was really popular and in the top 50 for a boy’s name in 2016. Now, it is #92 on the baby name popularity charts. After all, what is better than being named after one of the most famous leaders in our country, President Lincoln. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, who was president of the United States during the Civil War period, had this name. How cool would it be to be named after him? I am sure this is a reason why it is so wildly popular!

Origin of the Name Lincoln

This name comes from English origin and is used as a unisex name, so it is perfect for a little boy or girl.

Meaning of the Name Lincoln

This name means “pool or lake colony” and is associated with both “town by the pool” or “lake settlement”.

Coming Up With a Great Name

Before we jump into the list of middle names for Lincoln, let’s talk about ways to find that perfect name. Here are some tips for finding the perfect middle name once you’ve chosen your baby’s first name.

Use a Common Name

Using a common name may be the route you want to take. Maybe you want a short, easy one syllable middle name or first name. After all, your baby won’t be a baby forever and one day will need to write their name. Short names will make that much easier for them!

Consider a Family Name

Family names are a great avenue to explore. Is there a family member you want to honor or keep their name going to have a special connection to? Are family names something that your family members like to keep up with, like Jr’s or 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation names? You may come across a name that you never even considered somewhere in your family tree. If anything, talking it over with your family may lead to some fun stories about family members that you never heard before.

Along with choosing to honor a family member, you may have a family friend that is very close to you that you choose to honor as well. Giving them their name is a nice way to honor that person and make them feel special!

Think of Famous People

Maybe you choose to name your baby after someone famous or of historical significance, like in this case, Lincoln. Some of the top baby names come from famous people who you may look up to or truly admire.

Don’t Forget to Say It Loud and Proud

Saying your baby’s full name is super important! You want to make sure that it flows and that you like the way it sounds once it’s said altogether. Saying it out loud is a great way to make that final decision! Say it at least three times out loud- you will thank me later!

Write it Out

An easy way to decide on a good name is to write it out and make sure you like the way it looks when it is written. If you have said it out loud and you love how it sounds, try writing it a few times. Make sure it flows on paper, and maybe even try different ways of spelling it.

Lincoln Middle Names

  1. Adonis
  2. Agustin
  3. Alexander
  4. Amadeus
  5. Ambrose
  6. Anthony
  7. Apollo
  8. Archer
  9. Arden
  10. Aries
  11. Art
  12. Arthur
  13. Ash
  14. Atlas
  15. Banks
  16. Baylor
  17. Beck
  18. Blaise
  19. Bowie
  20. Brady
  21. Brooks
  22. Case
  23. Cash
  24. Charles
  25. Christian
  26. Clark
  27. Clay
  28. Cohen
  29. Cole
  30. Colt
  31. Colter
  32. Creed
  33. Crew
  34. Cruz
  35. Cunningham
  36. Danger
  37. Dash
  38. David
  39. Dax
  40. Drew
  41. Easton
  42. Edward
  43. Ever
  44. Everett
  45. Finn
  46. Fletcher
  47. Grady
  48. Grey
  49. Hayes
  50. Hendrix
  51. Henrik
  52. Henry
  53. Huck
  54. Hunter
  55. Huxley
  56. Jack
  57. Jackson
  58. James
  59. Jay
  60. Jericho
  61. Joseph
  62. Josephus
  63. Jude
  64. Kendrick
  65. Kingsley
  66. Kit
  67. Knox
  68. Kole
  69. Lane
  70. Lawrence
  71. Leif
  72. Lennox
  73. Louis
  74. Lucas
  75. Mac
  76. Maddox
  77. Malachi
  78. Mark
  79. Maverick
  80. Max
  81. Michael
  82. Myles
  83. Nash
  84. Nico
  85. Nova
  86. Ocean
  87. Onyx
  88. Orion
  89. Oscar
  90. Paul
  91. Ralph
  92. Ray
  93. Reed
  94. Reese
  95. Reign
  96. Rhys
  97. River
  98. Robert
  99. Rory
  100. Rye
  101. Sage
  102. Sam
  103. Seth
  104. Sky
  105. Stone
  106. Sylas
  107. Tate
  108. Theodore
  109. Thomas
  110. Trace
  111. Valentine
  112. Van
  113. Wilder
  114. Willans
  115. William
  116. Winston
  117. Wolf
  118. Xavier
  119. Zen
  120. Zephyr

You Picked Out A Great Name, Yay! Final Thoughts on Lincoln Middle Names

The good news is, once you finally decide on the best middle name that pairs well with your baby’s first and last name, that is a huge stress taken off your shoulders! Now, you can enjoy your pregnancy and start getting fun items to put in your nursery. Lincoln, or if you choose to maybe go by the nickname Linc, is right around the corner, so get excited! Maybe they have little brothers or little sisters that can now say the new baby’s name and have them form their bond even more. There are a ton of different ways to get siblings involved and excited for the new baby’s arrival.

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