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250+ Addison Middle Names Ideas

addison middle names

The first thing I want to say to you if you’re looking for Addison middle names is Congratulations! This must mean that you are expecting a new baby named Addison and you’re searching for the perfect middle name. I’m excited that you landed here in my little corner of the internet, because I’ve started a post series sharing the best middle names for a bunch of different specific names, and Addison is up!

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Addison is a beautiful name, and when you’re choosing a middle name you definitely want it to have a good flow. There is a lot to consider, like do you use a one-syllable or two-syllable name for the middle name, can you create a cute nickname from the combination of your child’s first and middle names? For example, my daughter is Alana Nicole and we call her Lana Cole as a nickname. An example for Addison would be… If you name your daughter Addison Blue and call her Addy Blue. Oh, I love that actually! There you go, you don’t need to read any further. You’re welcome. Leave me a comment if I just named your child.

Is Addison a Gender Neutral Name?

Yes! Addison is a unisex name. While it’s actually of masculine origin, it’s a very popular girl name. A lot of people consider it a feminine name, but it’s actually perfectly acceptable to name your boy Addison.

Meaning of the Name Addison

This gender-neutral name means “son of Adam”. See, told you it has masculine roots! It is of British origin and has a long history of standing for strength, authory, and leadership. Addison has been associated to the Old Scottish / Northern Middle English pet name, Addie. It’s also a variation of the names Addyson and Adamson.

In Scottish, this is a family surname meaning “son of Addie”. Addie in Scottish is a medieval Scottish Lowlands nickname for the name Adam.

Popularity of the Name Addison

Addison’s popularity definitely sticks with the girls. According to data from the Social Security Administration in the United States, Addison as a girl’s name has remained in the top 50 names since the year 2006. However, as a boy’s name, Addison has steadily decreased in popularity over the years. That could be because it’s largely become known as a super popular girl’s name, so many people just don’t think of it for boys anymore. This is probably why I can think of at least a hand full of girls named Addison off the top of my head, yet I don’t know any male Addisons. Maybe it’s time for it to make a come back?

Famous People With the Name Addison:

Nicknames for the name Addison

Nicknames are important! You’ve got to have a good nickname. Some people choose their baby’s name just because they want a specific nickname! Nickname ideas for the name Addison include:

Some of the most popular Addison middle name ideas for girls:

If you are planning to name your daughter Addison, here are some ideas if you’re looking for a popular choice. Our largest list of ideas is below!

The Huge List of Addison Middle Names Ideas

I hope this list of names has helped you make the perfect choice for your child’s middle name. I certainly had fun putting it together! For some more tips on creative ways to choose a middle name and naming your children in general, check out my post on middle names for Kinsley.

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