If you are looking for middle names for Ava, I have the perfect name list for you! As part of my name ideas series, I am excited to add to the list names that go great with Ava. Finding a good middle name is sometimes harder than picking out your baby’s first name. Sometimes, you have a name picked out since you were a little girl but maybe you never really considered a middle name until now. If you are having trouble picking out great middle names, remember that you also don’t have to give your baby a middle name! It is totally up to you and your partner on how you decide to name your little one. 

Tips for Choosing Beautiful Middle Names with Meaning

Before we dive into the meaning, origin and popularity of the name Ava, I wanted to give you a few tips on picking the perfect middle name or even first name for your baby! 

Using a Family Name

Sometimes when you are searching for the perfect first name for your baby, it can be as simple as using a name from one of your family members. This not only gives the name a special meaning, but also honors your family history as well. You may have a beautiful name picked out from a family member that you want to honor.  You may also decide on a classic name somewhere deep in your family tree that will never go out of style or a super unique name that you haven’t heard much anywhere else. There are possibly so many names within your family that have all different meanings so you can check those out and decide from there. Also, keep in mind, that you may like a name from a family member but you may want to put your own spin on it for your little one. If you have your baby’s middle name or first name picked out that honors a family member or close friend, you can also look into different ways of spelling that name. Consider your last name when you are picking out your child’s name as well and make sure that it flows the way you want it to! 

Syllable Names

 When choosing your baby’s name, remember that they will have to learn to not only say their name but also read and write it as well! This makes choosing a two-syllable name a little more tricky. Unless you already have your baby’s middle name and first name picked out, maybe think about giving them a shorter name to make it easier on them. If you are on the fence between names, you can also look at a list of similar names that may be easier to spell and pronounce. Short names make it a little easier for not only your little one when learning as they get older but also sometimes easier on others trying to pronounce their names later on. 

Meaning of the Name Ava

The name Ava is an English name and means to breathe, to live. In the bible, the name Ava means life. So, your baby Ava has a beautiful name with a very special meaning! 

Popularity of the Name Ava

Since 2005, the name Ava has been in the top 5 for baby girl names. Since 2021, the name Ava ranked as the third most popular girl’s name, so it is definitely a super popular and cute name for a baby girl. 

Origin of the Name Ava

The name Ava comes from the English origin and is primarily a popular name for a little girl. 

Ava is a Nickname for the Following Names

  • Aveline
  • Evelina
  • Adeline
  • Avalon

Middle Names for Ava

1. Abby (Abbie)

2. Abigail

3. Ada

4. Adaline

5. Adaline

6. Adalynn

7. Addison

8. Adelaide

9. Adele

10. Aiko

11. Ainsley

12. Alexandra

13. Amber

14. Amy

15. Avalon

16. Avery

17. Bailey

18. Bay

19. Bea

20. Bebe

21. Bee

22. Bella

23. Belle

24. Beth

25. Bethany

26. Blaire

27. Blake

28. Brae

29. Bree

30. Brenna

31. Brianna

32. Britt

33. Brooke

34. Brooklyn

35. Bryne

36. Brynn

37. Cali (Callie)

38. Camila

39. Camille

40. Carly

41. Caroline

42. Casey

43. Cass

44. Cassandra

45. Celeste

46. Charlotte

47. Chloe

48. Chris

49. Christina

50. Claire

51. Clara

52. Cody

53. Cora

54. Daisy

55. Dakota

56. Deborah

57. Dolly

58. Dove

59. Drew

60. Eden

61. Elaine

62. Eleanor

63. Elena

64. Eliza

65. Elizabeth

66. Ella

67. Elle

68. Elsa

69. Emerson

70. Emery

71. Emily

72. Emma

73. Eve

74. Evelyn

75. Everly (Everleigh)

76. Francesca

77. Gabrielle (Gabriella)

78. Gia

79. Gianna

80. Grace

81. Greer

82. Greta

83. Hailey

84. Hana (Hannah)

85. Harper

86. Isabel (Isabelle)

87. Ivy

88. Jade

89. Jai (Jay)

90. Jamie

91. Jan

92. Jane

93. Jasmine

94. Jazz

95. Jean (Jeanne)

96. Jill

97. Jo

98. Jocelyn

99. Jordan

100. Joy

101 Kai

102. Karina

103. Kat

104. Kate

105. Katelynn

106. Katherine

107. Kay

108. Kayla

109. Keira

110. Kelly

111. Laura

112. Lauren

113. Lillian

114. Lily

115. Liv

116. Lola

117. Lorelei

118. Lou (Lu)

119. Louise

120. Love

121. Lux

122. Lydia

123. Lynn (Lynne)

124. Mackenzie

125. Madison

126. Mae

127. Maeve

128. Magnolia

129. Makayla

130. Maria

131. Marigold

132. Marisol

133. Mary

134. May

135. Maya

136. Megan

137. Melanie

138. Melody

139. Meredith

140. Mia

141. Milena

142. Nadia

143. Naomi

144. Natalie

145. Nell

146. Neve

147. Nicole

148. Nora

149. North

150. Nova

151. Olive

152. Olivia

153. Paige

154. Pam

155. Peace

156. Pearl

157. Peyton

158. Piper

159. Plum

160. Quinn

161. Rae

162. Rain

163. Reagan

164. Rebecca

165. Reese

166. Riley

167. Rose

168. Ruby

169. Ruth

170. Sadie

171. Sage

172. Sam

173. Samantha

174. Sarah

175. Savannah

176. Scarlett

177. Scout

178. Shae

179. Shawn

180. Sierra

181. Simone

182. Sky (Skye)

183. Skylar

184. Sloane

185. Snow

186. Sophia

187. Sophie

188. Spring

189. Star (Starr)

190. Tabitha

191. Tate

192. Teal

193. Tess

194. Trinity

195. Vale

196. Victoria

197. Violet

198. Waverly

199. Willow

200. Wren

Favorite Middle Names for Ava

I hope this list of the best middle names for Ava has helped you find the perfect name for your new little one! There are so many great middle name ideas to pair with the name Ava. I love Ava Marie, Ava Rose, Ava Grace or even Ava Lily. With it being the third most popular baby name, you really can’t go wrong! Now that you have looked at this list of baby girls names, I hope that you have found the perfect one to pair with her first name! The most important thing when naming your baby is that you love their name and the spelling! There are a ton of cute baby names out there. After you find the right middle name, you can start thinking of super cute nicknames to give little Ava…although, it is already a super short name!

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