Choosing a name for your child is a huge decision and for parents looking for middle names for Hudson, I want to lend a hand! If you love the charm and modernity of the name Hudson, all you need now is a giant list of middle name ideas that will help you find the perfect second name for your new little one. Hudson was traditionally used for boy’s names, but it could also be an awesome girl name. With that in mind, this list includes gender-neutral names for this stylish name. 

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Unisex names are great names to look for when you’ve decided to wait to find out the gender, but you still want to at least have an idea of what the baby’s name will be. Some great middle names can also come from family tradition, so don’t forget to think about family members’ names for middle names for Hudson!

List of 135 Middle Names for Hudson

Choosing the right middle name is a lot easier than deciding your baby’s first name because the perfect middle name tends to jump out at you as you read different names paired with your chosen first name. Whether you’re drawn the idea of a traditional middle name, looking for a touch of contemporary flair, hoping to find meaningful middle names, or want a really unique name, there are plenty of options on this extensive list of middle names! 

1. Hudson Alexander

2. Hudson James

3. Hudson Everett

4. Hudson Owen

5. Hudson Benjamin

6. Hudson Mason

7. Hudson Elliot

8. Hudson Cole

9. Hudson Nathaniel

10. Hudson Samuel

11. Hudson Caleb

12. Hudson Graham

13. Hudson Theodore

14. Hudson Harrison

15. Hudson Max

16. Hudson Wyatt

17. Hudson Isaac

18. Hudson Oliver

19. Hudson Miles

20. Hudson Henry

21. Hudson Elijah

22. Hudson Landon

23. Hudson Cooper

24. Hudson Levi

25. Hudson Declan

26. Hudson Jackson

27. Hudson Eli

28. Hudson Finn

29. Hudson Ryan

30. Hudson Carter

31. Hudson Luke

32. Hudson William

33. Hudson Aiden

34. Hudson Gabriel

35. Hudson Hunter

36. Hudson Thomas

37. Hudson Julian

38. Hudson Lucas

39. Hudson Connor

40. Hudson Dylan

41. Hudson Parker

42. Hudson Liam

43. Hudson Matthew

44. Hudson Sebastian

45. Hudson Nolan

46. Hudson Archer

47. Hudson Dominic

48. Hudson Zachary

49. Hudson Asher

50. Hudson Grayson

51. Hudson Joseph

52. Hudson David

53. Hudson Caleb

54. Hudson Isaiah

55. Hudson Wesley

56. Hudson Bennett

57. Hudson Cameron

58. Hudson Jasper

59. Hudson Spencer

60. Hudson Colin

61. Hudson Adrian

62. Hudson Blake

63. Hudson Xavier

64. Hudson Tristan

65. Hudson Leo

66. Hudson Ian

67. Hudson Victor

68. Hudson Jonah

69. Hudson Silas

70. Hudson Zachary

71. Hudson Elliott

72. Hudson Rhys

73. Hudson Oscar

74. Hudson Miles

75. Hudson Vincent

76. Hudson Timothy

77. Hudson Joel

78. Hudson Preston

79. Hudson Jude

80. Hudson Griffin

81. Hudson Tobias

82. Hudson Solomon

83. Hudson Felix

84. Hudson Wyatt

85. Hudson Micah

86. Hudson Preston

87. Hudson Marcus

88. Hudson Wesley

89. Hudson Kyle

90. Hudson Grant

91. Hudson Derek

92. Hudson Keegan

93. Hudson Desmond

94. Hudson Vance

95. Hudson Lane

96. Hudson Julian

97. Hudson Spencer

98. Hudson Caleb

99. Hudson Isaiah

100. Hudson Declan

101. Hudson Owen

102. Hudson Gavin

103. Hudson Lucas

104. Hudson Felix

105. Hudson Brady

106. Hudson Malcolm

107. Hudson Maxwell

108. Hudson Xavier

109. Hudson Kieran

110. Hudson Adrian

111. Hudson Zachary

112. Hudson Colin

113. Hudson Levi

114. Hudson Evan

115. Hudson Vincent

116. Hudson Cole

117. Hudson Wyatt

118. Hudson Harrison

119. Hudson Nolan

120. Hudson Parker

121. Hudson Bennett

122. Hudson Dominic

123. Hudson Jasper

124. Hudson Dexter

125. Hudson Theo

126. Hudson Oliver

127. Hudson Tristan

128. Hudson Rowan

129. Hudson Jonah

130. Hudson Caleb

131. Hudson Finn

132. Hudson Miles

133. Hudson Jude

134. Hudson Graham

135. Hudson Elliott

136. Hudson Spencer

137. Hudson Wesley

138. Hudson Gabriel

139. Hudson Owen

140. Hudson Elijah

141. Hudson Thomas

142. Hudson Nolan

143. Hudson Colin

144. Hudson Mason

145. Hudson Adrian

146. Hudson Samuel

147. Hudson Maxwell

148. Hudson Harrison

149. Hudson Cooper

150. Hudson Caleb

151. Hudson Wyatt

152. Hudson Bennett

153. Hudson Elliot

154. Hudson Julian

155. Hudson Jasper

156. Hudson Theo

157. Hudson Liam

158. Hudson Owen

159. Hudson Alexander

160. Hudson Ethan

161. Hudson Oliver

162. Hudson Mason

163. Hudson Isaac

164. Hudson Henry

165. Hudson Samuel

166. Hudson Nolan

167. Hudson Lucas

168. Hudson Leo

169. Hudson Evan

170. Hudson Wyatt

171. Hudson Caleb

172. Hudson Owen

173. Hudson Bennett

174. Hudson Eli

175. Hudson Miles

176. Hudson Graham

177. Hudson Dexter

178. Hudson Julian

179. Hudson Rhys

180. Hudson Jasper

181. Hudson Joel

182. Hudson Parker

183. Hudson Mason

184. Hudson Wesley

185. Hudson Elliott

186. Hudson Gabriel

187. Hudson Thomas

188. Hudson Harrison

189. Hudson Dominic

190. Hudson Finn

191. Hudson Silas

192. Hudson Bennett

193. Hudson Cole

194. Hudson Tristan

195. Hudson Isaac

196. Hudson Owen

197. Hudson Leo

198. Hudson Caleb

199. Hudson Wyatt

200. Hudson Mason

201. Hudson Samuel

202. Hudson Bennett

203. Hudson Elliot

204. Hudson Miles

205. Hudson Nolan

206. Hudson Julian

207. Hudson Graham

208. Hudson Joel

209. Hudson Parker

210. Hudson Dexter

211. Hudson Jasper

212. Hudson Liam

213. Hudson Alexander

214. Hudson Owen

215. Hudson Mason

216. Hudson Ethan

217. Hudson Wyatt

218. Hudson Isaac

219. Hudson Bennett

220. Hudson Leo

221. Hudson Caleb

222. Hudson Samuel

223. Hudson Miles

224. Hudson Graham

225. Hudson Eli

226. Hudson Dexter

227. Hudson Julian

228. Hudson Nolan

229. Hudson Joel

230. Hudson Elliott

231. Hudson Tristan

232. Hudson Jasper

233. Hudson Parker

234. Hudson Finn

235. Hudson Wesley

236. Hudson Cole

237. Hudson Dominic

238. Hudson Harrison

239. Hudson Maxwell

240. Hudson Desmond

241. Hudson Rhys

242. Hudson Oscar

243. Hudson Victor

244. Hudson Grant

245. Hudson Keegan

246. Hudson Vance

247. Hudson Derek

248. Hudson Lane

249. Hudson Julian

250. Hudson Spencer

Popularity of the Name Hudson

In recent years, the name Hudson has experienced a surge in popularity, capturing the attention and favor of many parents across the globe. Its rise to popularity can be attributed to its distinctive and sophisticated sound because it has a sense of timeless charm. The name Hudson’s widespread appeal comes from its trendy yet classic feel, making it a popular choice for both boys and girls. Celebrities choosing this name for their children have also contributed to its popularity because it conveys a sense of modern elegance. If you’re looking for a popular baby name, Hudson is a great choice!

Origin of the Name Hudson

The name Hudson has its roots in English origin as well as Scottish origin, tracing back to the Middle Ages. It is derived from the Old English name name “Hudde,” which was a medieval diminutive form of given names like Hugh or Richard in the late 19th century. The surname or family name Hudson, often associated with those living near a “hudde” or a hill, further solidifies its connection to the landscape. Over time, the name gained prominence in the English-speaking world and was notably used as a surname before transitioning to a given name. Hudson also carries geographical significance, notably tied to the Hudson River in North America, named after the English explorer Henry Hudson. This association with exploration and adventure has added a distinct and appealing layer to the name’s history. Today, Hudson is a timeless name that embodies a blend of historical lineage and a sense of wanderlust, making it a name that resonates with both tradition and modernity.

Meaning of the Name Hudson

The name Hudson bears a special significance and rich history that contributes to its meaningful essence. As mentioned above, the name is associated with the word “hudde,” suggesting a sense of shelter or protection. In this context, Hudson conveys a meaning of strength and refuge, evoking images of a reliable and steadfast individual. Its association with the Hudson River gives it a sense of exploration and flowing waters, adding a layer of adventurous spirit to the name, symbolizing a journey through life’s currents. Overall, the meaningful name Hudson encapsulates meanings of resilience, security, and a spirit of exploration, making it a name that resonates with both substance and a sense of adventure. 

Famous People Named Hudson

If you’re wondering if any notable people share the name Hudson, check out the list below. These are just a few examples of famous people with Hudson as a first or last name. If you’re looking for middle names for Hudson, you might be inspired by this famous Hudsons!

  1. Hudson Taylor – English missionary and founder of the China Inland Mission.
  2. Rock Hudson – American actor and leading man in Hollywood during the 1950s and 1960s.
  3. Hudson Swafford – American professional golfer.
  4. Kate Hudson – American actress and entrepreneur, known for her roles in films like “Almost Famous” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
  5. Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) – Scottish electronic music producer and DJ.
  6. Hudson Leick – American actress, best known for her role as Callisto on the television series “Xena: Warrior Princess.”
  7. Hudson Yang – American actor, known for his role as Eddie Huang on the television series “Fresh Off the Boat.”
  8. Hudson Meek – American model and social media personality.
  9. Hudson Wisler – American child actor, known for his roles in various TV shows and commercials.
  10. Hudson Thames – American singer-songwriter and actor.
  11. Hudson Sheaffer – American actor and husband of actress Sasha Pieterse.
  12. Hudson West – American actor, known for his role as Jake Spencer on the soap opera “General Hospital.”
  13. Hudson Yang – American actor, known for his role as Eddie Huang on the television series “Fresh Off the Boat.”

There you have it, everything you need to know if you’re looking for middle names for Hudson! While you’re here…

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