If you’ve settled on the first name Kate for your baby girl, you have so many options for middle names for Kate, you might be surprised! Whether you’re looking for a timeless name, something trendy, or something different, this blog post is here to inspire you with a diverse range of middle name ideas for Kate. The perfect middle name will fit perfectly between Kate and your last name and just roll right off your tongue. I have a list of the best middle names for Kate below that should at least help inspire you to find the perfect name!

List of Middle Names for Kate

The classic name Kate fits perfectly with the names on the following list! You’ll see some of the most common middle names people pair with Kate, some unique middle names, some timeless classic options, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list of beautiful middle names for your baby’s first name!

1. Kate Alexandra

2. Kate Isabella

3. Kate Elizabeth

4. Kate Victoria

5. Kate Olivia

6. Kate Amelia

7. Kate Sophia

8. Kate Abigail

9. Kate Grace

10. Kate Eleanor

11. Kate Scarlett

12. Kate Madeline

13. Kate Penelope

14. Kate Juliette

15. Kate Genevieve

16. Kate Gabrielle

17. Kate Seraphina

18. Kate Vivienne

19. Kate Annabelle

20. Kate Josephine

21. Kate Elise

22. Kate Fiona

23. Kate Lorraine

24. Kate Evangeline

25. Kate Rosalind

26. Kate Giselle

27. Kate Celeste

28. Kate Juliet

29. Kate Cecilia

30. Kate Arabella

31. Kate Caroline

32. Kate Aurora

33. Kate Harper

34. Kate Ramona

35. Kate Florence

36. Kate Beatrice

37. Kate Hazel

38. Kate Clarissa

39. Kate Felicity

40. Kate Veronica

41. Kate Cordelia

42. Kate Ophelia

43. Kate Valentina

44. Kate Theodora

45. Kate Georgiana

46. Kate Odette

47. Kate Serenity

48. Kate Lorelei

49. Kate Octavia

50. Kate Vivian

51. Kate Rosalind

52. Kate Imogen

53. Kate Seraphina

54. Kate Matilda

55. Kate Clementine

56. Kate Delphine

57. Kate Noelle

58. Kate Winslet

59. Kate Serenade

60. Kate Isolde

61. Kate Eulalia

62. Kate Thalia

63. Kate Marigold

64. Kate Dahlia

65. Kate Seraphine

66. Kate Melody

67. Kate Anneliese

68. Kate Elysia

69. Kate Lenora

70. Kate Celestia

71. Kate Artemis

72. Kate Selene

73. Kate Calista

74. Kate Nerissa

75. Kate Thessaly

76. Kate Zephyrine

77. Kate Elowen

78. Kate Solene

79. Kate Linnea

80. Kate Amara

81. Kate Livia

82. Kate Isadora

83. Kate Marcella

84. Kate Calliope

85. Kate Serene

86. Kate Thea

87. Kate Elara

88. Kate Lyra

89. Kate Lysandra

90. Kate Ondine

91. Kate Elara

92. Kate Seren

93. Kate Isolde

94. Kate Elysia

95. Kate Lenora

96. Kate Celestia

97. Kate Artemis

98. Kate Selene

99. Kate Calista

100. Kate Nerissa

101. Kate Thessaly

102. Kate Zephyrine

103. Kate Elowen

104. Kate Solene

105. Kate Linnea

106. Kate Amara

107. Kate Livia

108. Kate Isadora

109. Kate Marcella

110. Kate Calliope

111. Kate Serene

112. Kate Thea

113. Kate Elara

114. Kate Lyra

115. Kate Lysandra

116. Kate Ondine

117. Kate Elara

118. Kate Seren

119. Kate Isolde

120. Kate Elysia

121. Kate Lenora

122. Kate Celestia

123. Kate Artemis

124. Kate Selene

125. Kate Calista

126. Kate Nerissa

127. Kate Thessaly

128. Kate Zephyrine

129. Kate Elowen

130. Kate Solene

131. Kate Linnea

132. Kate Amara

133. Kate Livia

134. Kate Isadora

135. Kate Marcella

136. Kate Calliope

137. Kate Serene

138. Kate Thea

139. Kate Elara

140. Kate Lyra

141. Kate Lysandra

142. Kate Ondine

143. Kate Elara

144. Kate Seren

145. Kate Isolde

146. Kate Elysia

147. Kate Lenora

148. Kate Celestia

149. Kate Artemis

150. Kate Selene

151. Kate Calista

152. Kate Nerissa

153. Kate Thessaly

154. Kate Zephyrine

155. Kate Elowen

156. Kate Solene

157. Kate Linnea

158. Kate Amara

159. Kate Livia

160. Kate Isadora

161. Kate Marcella

162. Kate Calliope

163. Kate Serene

164. Kate Thea

165. Kate Elara

166. Kate Lyra

167. Kate Lysandra

168. Kate Ondine

169. Kate Elara

170. Kate Seren

171. Kate Isolde

172. Kate Elysia

173. Kate Lenora

174. Kate Celestia

175. Kate Artemis

176. Kate Selene

177. Kate Calista

178. Kate Nerissa

179. Kate Thessaly

180. Kate Zephyrine

181. Kate Elowen

182. Kate Solene

183. Kate Linnea

184. Kate Amara

185. Kate Livia

186. Kate Isadora

187. Kate Marcella

188. Kate Calliope

189. Kate Serene

190. Kate Thea

191. Kate Elara

192. Kate Lyra

193. Kate Lysandra

194. Kate Ondine

195. Kate Elara

196. Kate Seren

197. Kate Isolde

198. Kate Elysia

199. Kate Lenora

200. Kate Celestia

Popularity of the Name Kate

Kate has been a consistently popular choice for a girl’s name for a while now. It’s a timeless choice with a touch of elegance that seems to appeal to people across different generations. Whether you’re talking to someone named Kate from the ’80s or a little Kate from today, you can’t miss the enduring charm of this popular name. It’s a classic and versatile choice that never seems to go out of style, much like a dependable denim jacket that always looks good.

Origin of the Name Kate

The name Kate has a touch of sophistication and a rich and fascinating history. It is often considered a diminutive or nickname for the name Katherine, which itself has roots in the Greek name Aikaterine. Over the centuries, the name evolved and gained popularity in various cultures, including English, French, and German. It has been borne by queens, saints, and countless remarkable women throughout history, contributing to its enduring appeal. Today, Kate is not just a name; it’s a timeless piece of nomenclature with a story that spans centuries and cultures from the middle ages to today. It became widely popular in the United States when the rise in famous women named Kate. You’ll see a list of those below. 

Meaning of the Name Kate

The name Kate carries a simple yet special meaning. As a diminutive of Katherine, it is often associated with the Greek word “katharos,” which translates to “pure.” This essence of purity lends an elegant and timeless quality to the name. Throughout history, the meaning of Kate has embodied strength, grace, and a certain kind of simplicity that resonates with people. Whether it’s linked to its Greek roots or embraced as a standalone name, Kate seems to encapsulate a sense of clarity and sincerity. It’s a name that speaks to the heart, evoking a sense of purity and authenticity that transcends time. Naming your child Kate is a great way to give them a name with a beautiful meaning.

Names that Use Kate as a Nickname

These first names often use Kate as a nicname. You can choose one of these full first names and use Kate as a nick name too, with one of the great middle names in the list above. 

  1. Katherine
  2. Kathleen
  3. Kathryn
  4. Katelyn
  5. Katie
  6. Katrina
  7. Kaitlyn
  8. Katelin
  9. Katarina
  10. Katya
  11. Kaitlin
  12. Kaitlynn
  13. Katia
  14. Catalina
  15. Ekaterina
  16. Caitlin
  17. Caitlyn
  18. Caitriona

Famous People Named Kate

The popularity of Kate among famous people is undeniable! There are a lot of familiar faces with this traditional name. 

1. Kate Winslet – A renowned English actress, known for her roles in films such as “Titanic,” “The Reader,” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

2. Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, she is known for her philanthropic work and contributions to various charitable causes.

3. Kate Beckinsale – An English actress known for her roles in movies like “Underworld,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “Serendipity.”

4. Kate Hudson – An American actress and businesswoman, known for her performances in films like “Almost Famous,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and “The Skeleton Key.”

5. Kate Moss – An English supermodel and fashion icon, recognized for her influential presence in the modeling industry.

6. Kate Upton – An American model and actress, known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and roles in films like “The Other Woman.”

7. Kate Mara – An American actress, notable for her roles in TV series “House of Cards” and films like “The Martian.”

8. Kate Walsh – An American actress known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.”

9. Kate Beckinsale – An Australian actress known for her roles in TV series “Underworld,” “The Aviator,” and “Van Helsing.”


An English singer-songwriter and musician, known for her distinctive voice and influential contributions to the music industry.

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