You’ve landed here because you’re searching for Owen middle names, so congrats! I love that you’ve chosen the name Owen. It’s a classic name with many good middle names that compliment it well. This post is part of my name ideas series, so if you’re looking for more name ideas, find them here.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Middle Names

I go into more detail on tips for choosing great middle names in this post, but in summary, here are some ideas to help you choose a perfect middle name for your baby boy or girl (we have ideas for both below!):

Use a Family Name

We named each of our children a unique name, and the used family member’s names as their middle names.

Create a theme with sibling names

Sort of like we did by using all family names for middle names, you could choose any theme (like your favorite famous people, for example) and use the same theme for all of your children’s middle names.

Nickname Options

If you have a nickname you love that you want to use, consider that when you choose your baby’s middle name. Some kids end up going by their middle name or some combination of first and middle name.

Make sure it sounds good with your last name

If your child’s middle name doesn’t sound good with your last name, it could be a deal breaker. You don’t want your kid’s name to be a tongue twister, after all. Consider that when you’re naming your little man, ’cause he’s stuck with it for life.

Meaning of Owen

The most popular meaning of the name of Owen is “young warrior”. The origin of the name Owen seems to be varied, as detailed here:

Irish Origins and Celtic Origins

It also was known in Irish form as Eoghan, pronounced O-wen or YO-wen. Traditionally used as a Welsh surname, Owen dates back to the Renaissance era.

Welsh Roots

Owen is historically known as a masculine name in Welsh roots, traditionally spelled Owain and pronounced OH-ween. In Welsh, it Owen means “noble”, “youthful” and “well-born”.

Hebrew Meaning of the Name Owen

In Hebrew, Owen means noble born and/or warrior.

Gaelic Meaning of the Name Owen

When Owen is translated from Gaelic it means “a well-born man.”

Popularity of the Name Owen

Owen has been popular since the early 2000s. I mean, cue Actor Owen Wilson, anyone? Since 2002, Owen has always had a place in the top 100 boy’s names, making it a most popular name for boys! According to Social Security Administration data, it’s been in the top 50 since 2010, making it a top choice for a boy’s name.

Is Owen a Gender-Neutral Name?

Here’s the good news if you wanted to use Owen as a girl name: Owen is a unisex name! I love the name Owen for a girl!

200 Ideas for Owen Middle Names

Because Owen is gender neutral name for a new baby, we’re breaking the below into boy name ideas and girl name ideas. On these lists you’ll have unique middle names, traditional names, similar names, short names, cute middle names, and just downright cool middle names. Let’s jump into the middle name suggestions! Without further ado, here are the name ideas broken out into boy ideas and girl ideas, each list in alphabetical order:

100 Owen Middle Names for Boys

  1. Alexander
  2. Amadeus
  3. Anthony
  4. Apollo
  5. Arden
  6. Aries
  7. Art
  8. Arthur
  9. Ash
  10. Atlas
  11. Beck
  12. Blaise
  13. Bowie
  14. Brooks
  15. Cash
  16. Charles
  17. Christian
  18. Clay
  19. Cole
  20. Colt
  21. Crew
  22. Cruz
  23. Cunningham (This is Owen Wilson’s middle name, in case you care!)
  24. Danger
  25. Dash
  26. David
  27. Drew
  28. Easton
  29. Edward
  30. Ever
  31. Finn
  32. Flynn
  33. Forest
  34. Fox
  35. Francis
  36. Frederick
  37. Gage
  38. George
  39. Grant
  40. Gray
  41. Grey
  42. Hayes (Owen Hayes is a popular name!)
  43. Hendrix
  44. Henry
  45. Huck
  46. Hunter
  47. Jack
  48. Jackson
  49. James (love the ring of Owen James)
  50. Jay
  51. Jericho
  52. Joseph
  53. Josephus (the middle name of famous Supreme Court Justice, Owen Roberts)
  54. Jude
  55. Kit
  56. Knox
  57. Lane
  58. Lawrence
  59. Leif
  60. Lennox
  61. Louis
  62. Lucas
  63. Mac
  64. Mark
  65. Maverick
  66. Max
  67. Michael
  68. Myles
  69. Nash
  70. Nico
  71. Nova
  72. Onyx
  73. Orion
  74. Oscar
  75. Paul
  76. Ralph
  77. Ray
  78. Reed
  79. Rhys
  80. River
  81. Robert
  82. Rye
  83. Sage
  84. Sam
  85. Seth
  86. Sky
  87. Stone
  88. Tate
  89. Theodore
  90. Thomas
  91. Valentine
  92. Van
  93. Wilder
  94. Willans (middle name of the famous British physicist, Owen Willans Richardson)
  95. William
  96. Winston
  97. Wolf
  98. Xavier
  99. Zen
  100. Zephyr

100 Owen Middle Names for Girls

  1. Abigail
  2. Ada
  3. Andi
  4. Ann
  5. Arianna
  6. Aspen
  7. Aubrey
  8. Aurora
  9. Ava
  10. Avery
  11. Bailey
  12. Bay
  13. Bella
  14. Beth
  15. Blair
  16. Blake
  17. Brooke
  18. Brynn
  19. Camryn
  20. Caroline
  21. Catherine
  22. Charlie
  23. Claire
  24. Clara
  25. Cora
  26. Danielle
  27. Elizabeth
  28. Elle
  29. Ellis
  30. Elsie
  31. Emery
  32. Emily
  33. Emma
  34. Ensley
  35. Esme
  36. Eve
  37. Grace
  38. Grey
  39. Hadley
  40. Hannah
  41. Harlow
  42. Harper
  43. Hazel
  44. Hunter
  45. Iris
  46. Ivy
  47. Jade
  48. James
  49. Jane
  50. Jean
  51. Joelle
  52. Jordan
  53. Joy
  54. June
  55. Kate
  56. Kay
  57. Kennedy
  58. Kenzie
  59. Lane
  60. Lauren
  61. Leah
  62. Leigh
  63. Lexi
  64. Lily
  65. Lucy
  66. Lynn
  67. Madison
  68. Mae
  69. Marie
  70. Mia
  71. Mila
  72. Nicole
  73. Nora
  74. Olivia
  75. Paige
  76. Paris
  77. Parker
  78. Peyton
  79. Poppy
  80. Presley
  81. Rae
  82. Rain
  83. Remy
  84. Riley
  85. Rosalyn
  86. Rose
  87. Ruby
  88. Ruth
  89. Ryan
  90. Sarah
  91. Sasha
  92. Savannah
  93. Scarlett
  94. Shae
  95. Skye
  96. Skylar
  97. Sophia
  98. Stacey
  99. Sutton
  100. Violet

First Name Owen, Middle Name…

So you’ve chosen the baby name Owen, now what? I hope this list has helped you choose your baby’s name so you can fill out baby’s full initials now! Whether you’re expecting a little boy or little girl, Owen is an attractive name choice and we congratulate you ahead of time on baby Owen!

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