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The Ultimate List of Names for Grandparents

names for grandparents

We talk a lot about becoming and being moms, but with that comes making our parents grandparents! And with that, comes figuring out names for grandparents. Some of our parents are cool with the traditional Grandma and Grandpa, while others opt for something more unique. Some kids have so many grandparents that they have to use first names with their “grandparent names”. For example, my kids have three grandfathers: Grandpa Bill, Grandpa Buddy, and Pop Pop. They also have one great grandfather, Grandaddy. They call him Grandaddy because that’s what we called him when I was growing up, so I don’t think they even know his real name at this point.

When it comes to names for grandparents for the females, we are all over the place in my family. My mom was Grandma. My mother-in-law is Omi. We call my grandmother Nanie, which is actually pronounced like her name, Janie. My husband’s grandmother is called Gigi by all the great-grandkids.

Then there’s the decision of who decides on the names for grandparents.

Deciding on names for grandparents is very personal. In our family, we let the new grandparents choose what they would like to be called. I have, however, heard of parents having a heavy say in what they want their children to call their parents. Hey, to each his/her own. However you decide on your names for the grandparents in your family, you’ll probably need ideas, so here you go!

The Ultimate List of Names for Grandparents

Names for Grandmothers:

Names for Grandfathers:

Now you have some ideas for names for grandparents, and you can have fun helping the new grandparents in your life choose their new names! It’s such a special time to become parents, and also to make your own parents grandparents for the first time! 

If you have names for the grandparents in your life that aren’t on this list, please leave them in the comments! I would love to hear them!

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