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When Motherhood Makes You Feel Mundane & Invisible

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We don’t feel much like world changers while we’re doing the dishes, do we?

In the life of a mom, most of our day-to-day work is mundane, and that sometimes makes us feel like WE are mundane, too.

We work tirelessly all day, non-stop, round the clock, yet most of our work is invisible. And that… that sometimes make US feel invisible too, as if we are only seen when someone needs food or they went poop. #justkeepinitreal

It’s incredibly hard to keep this in perspective while you’re wiping boogers off the wall and listening to complaints about how much no one likes the dinner you just worked hard to prepare…but you actually are doing the world-changing work. And look at you, you can get it done in your pajamas and yesterday’s make-up, you super-woman you.

You aren’t just putting dinner on the table, this is one of the ways you show them love…even if sometimes it’s the previously frozen, extra-crispy, scraped off the burnt parts kind of love. That 30th load of laundry? That’s you, wrapping those tiny humans tightly in your love & comfort. (Sometimes extra tightly when you put one’s clothes accidentally on the other…don’t pretend I’m the only one who has done that.)

You are raising up the tiny humans that will go out into the world and change it, one way or another, and they are going to do great things because you loved them so well. And yes, threatening to bring out your trash bag if they don’t clean their room is also one way you can love them. (You’re welcome for that mom hack. Works every time.)

I’m not there yet, but I have a hunch that one day when they’re grown, and our coffee cup is the lone dish in the sink each morning, when we have all the time in the world to do those big important things we’ve been waiting our whole lives for…we’ll look back and realize we’ve already done our best work. And we’re probably going to wish we realized it back then.

You’re doing it right now. Carry-on, world changers! Share with a mom friend who is doing a great job and needs a reminder!

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