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free stuff for babies

Hey mamas, who wants some free baby stuff?

Some people assume because I am currently expecting baby #3, that I have all of the baby things already. That would probably be true, except that around this time last year we decided not to have any more babies and got rid of everything. Yeah. And we got a dog. So there’s that. To the point, I have been researching all the new baby stuff and I came across a company called Mother’s Lounge. They want us to buy stuff, but they approach this by offering us free baby stuff first!

It’s actually a proven marketing tactic, and one that us expecting mamas can take advantage of! Winning!

free stuff for baby


How can you get all this free stuff for babies?

Have you ever heard of loss leaders? It’s basically a product sold at a loss, or something the company may lose money on, in order to attract customers. Mother’s Lounge promotes these “loss leaders” in hopes to attract customers to purchase the company’s other products. All you pay is the shipping!

Two things to note: I have tested these freebies for expecting moms, and I did notice that every site will try to get you to purchase an upgrade, one more thing, a personalization, or something else before checkout. It’s just one click to say, “No thanks, continue”, though, and don’t purchase the other items if you don’t want to. Also, you do have to pay for shipping, but even with the shipping the products are way cheaper than you would get elsewhere, so it seems like these are all still really good deals! Check them out and see what free baby stuff you can grab!

You only need one thing to get free stuff for baby: a coupon code.

And, I’ve got you covered. Use the code MOXIEMOTHERHOOD18 on any of the sites below, and you’ll get your free products! You get to choose your prints on most of these products too! Did I say winning?

  1. CarSeat Canopy ($50) at
    carseat canopy freebies for baby
  2. Baby Carrier ($40) at
    freebies for new babies
  3. Nursing Pillow ($40) at
    free stuff for expecting moms
  4. Nursing Cover ($35) at
    free nursing cover
  5. Nursing Bracelets (I had never heard of these before, but it’s a neat idea) ($35) at
    free stuff for baby milk bands
  6. Baby Sling ($30) at
    freebies for babies
  7. Belly Band ($40) at
    free belly band
  8. Baby Leggings ($50) at
    free baby leggings
  9. Breast Pads ($35) at BreastPads.comfree breast pads
  10. Ruffle Buns (Any 3 – $60) at
    free stuff for baby
  11. 5 Board Books ($40) at
    freebies for new babies books
  12. Belly Band for Jeans ($60) at
    free stuff pregnancy
  13. Faux Fur Baby Hats ($35) at
    free stuff for baby hats
  14. Hooded Towels ($35) at
    free baby stuff hooded towel
  15. Pregnancy Pillow ($50) at
    free pregnancy pillow
  16. iCoil Portable USB Charger (not really a baby item, but a useful one!) ($30) at
    free phone charger
  17. Sports Team Gear for babies ($35) at
    baby nfl gear
  18. 2 Free Pair of Shoes ($60) at
    free baby shoes
  19. Custom Pacifiers ($30) at
    custom pacifiers
  20. 2 Custom Snappies ($50) at
    custom snappies free

I love looking at baby stuff! Why is it so fun to shop for babies? And why do the tiniest humans need the most stuff?

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