There is nothing more beautiful when you are expecting a new baby than having a supportive partner by your side! I was inspired to create this post of pregnancy books for dad because we have to also be there to support the expectant father just as much as the momma.

New parents already have so much on their plates so I wanted to provide the best books that will give any first time father some practical advice. If you are an expecting mom, you not only want them to be a great birth partner and know all the tips and tricks for getting you through those tough breaths and painful pushes in the delivery room but to also, of course, be a good dad to your new baby. 

pregnancy books for dad

So, once you get that positive pregnancy test, consider some of these as a new dad’s playbook for that the new daddy to be! While you are waiting for your baby’s arrival, you want to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy, a birth plan and all the useful information for each stage of pregnancy. These are good books for expecting fathers to know to be the best partner to you. 

10 Best Pregnancy Books for Dad

1. You’re Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood  By Daddilife Books

pregnancy books for dad - you're going to be a dad!

This is a great book for an expecting father as it not only acts as a pregnancy guide for them to know what to expect month to month but also all the new experiences they will go through during the baby’s first year. New dads face a lot of challenges so this gives you a complete guide on how to navigate through those. You will learn from other first time dads that went through the thick of it and can give you practical tips! 

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2. We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook By Adrian Kulp

we're pregnant - the first-time dad's pregnany handbook

Between all the morning sickness and doctor visits that the new momma will be going through, this book is a good idea for a first-time father to have in his back pocket! This book will give expectant dads a month-by-month guide throughout the pregnancy journey so he is prepared for each different milestone. 

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3. The Expectant Father Survival Handbook By Harvey Ward

the expectant father - pregnancy books for dad

With this book, new dads will get expert advice on what to expect throughout pregnancy and how to be the best new father to their baby! Their new role is essential to not only help the pregnant woman but also to be there for their growing baby. 

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4. NEW DAD BABY HACKS: A Contemporary Guide For Dads, Strategies For The 1st Year That Every First Time Father Needs By William Harding

new dad baby hacks

New dads will learn everything from how to soothe their baby, baby proof their house, how to feed their baby and so much more! Think of this as the ultimate guide to learn all about the baby’s development in that first year! New dads will also learn how to balance family life and keep their bond strong with their partner as well as their mental health. 

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5. We’re Parents! The First-Time Dad’s Guide to Baby’s First Year: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive Together By Adrian Kulp

we're parents - pregnancy books for dads

Get ready for the biggest game of your life…parenthood! It is such an important time in your life so this is on of the best baby books to get you and your partner ready to tackle this together. You will learn all about milestones and swaddling and so much more in this book! 

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6. I Will Be There: The Journey of Fatherhood By Diana Aleksandrova 

If you know of a daddy-to-be, this would be a great read for them! It will help guide them on how to be the best daddy to their new bundle of joy! 

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7. Dad Jokes for New Dads By Jimmy Niro

pregnancy books for dads - dad jokes

There’s nothing wrong with a little humor when it comes to need daddy life. This would be a super fun book to get an expectant dad to bring a little humor to a possible anxious dad! It is full of different jokes for new dads as well as some pro tips and fun facts for them to follow. 

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8. Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! By John Pfeiffer

dude you're gonna be a dad book

This book is basically a “what to expect when you’re expecting” for new dads! The momma has a handful of her own books, she knows that she is pregnant but do you know what to expect during the next 9 months and how to help her? This book will really help new dads dive in and know exactly how to be a supportive partner and what to expect every step of the way. 

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9. Dad Jokes: Over 600 of the Best (Worst) Jokes Around By Jimmy Niro

dad jokes

The best way to get a new dad excited and not as nervous about this new life coming is to make him LAUGH! This book is a great way to put a smile on a new dad’s face and get him excited for this new journey as a daddy. It is full of bad and good jokes for new dads. 

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10. A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size By Taylor Calmus

pregnancy books for dad a dudes guide to baby size

While doctors and apps will use cute things like fruits and such to compare your baby’s size, this book uses dude things like nachos to compare their size! For example, it shares that at week 9 the baby is the size of a guitar pick. It is a way to get the dad into the size of the baby by adapting to a more “dude” language. 

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Choosing the Best Pregnancy Books for Dad

 If you are looking to give your partner a first-time dad book, I know that this list will really help! First time parents have a lot to deal with when they are on their road to parenthood so why not have a road map to help with all the unexpected stuff that will come up? Dads should be able to understand what happens in each pregnancy week and have specific information on what to expect during the first year. That is where these books come in! I hope that you find the perfect book to give the expectant dad in your life.

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