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best mother in law

In a world where it’s common to hear about “monster-in-laws”, I feel like I hit the mother-in-law jackpot. It’s true, I have the best mother-in-law. And I sincerely hope that you are saying to yourself right now, “No, I do.”

From day one, my mother-in-law has treated me like her own. She has supported me through ups and downs. She has celebrated with me, cried with me, and helped me raise my babies.

My mother-in-law doesn’t care when my house is a wreck. In fact, she encourages me to just let it be and not stress. She doesn’t judge me when I’m exhausted or cranky, she just offers more help.

She is my friend, someone I can confide in, who offers honest advice and then still supports us if we don’t take it.

My mother-in-law is the one who makes date nights possible, and sacrifices her limited time off work to jump in when she knows I need a break.

My mother-in-law is the best.

She is right there every weekend on the sidelines of sports, and the first to show up when there is a crisis. She makes the best mac-n-cheese in the world and has all the best cooking tips.

When I hear people say that they don’t get along with their mother-in-law, it makes me so sad. It also makes me even more thankful.

So to all of the best mother-in-laws in the world, thank you for being you and for all you do. Thank you for supporting, encouraging, treating us as your own. Our lives are better because of you, and they would never be the same without you.

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