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daily agenda for busy moms

This post is going to make mom life easier. Can we talk about mom-brain for a minute? It’s real, people. A mom brain is like a normal brain, except it now has 5 hands pulling pieces of it in different directions all day, stretching like chewed gum if you can picture it, then letting go and snapping it back. But you know, it doesn’t go all the way back it sort of hangs there. This is why you need to create an agenda that’s emailed to you daily – and I have figured out the best agenda for moms!

This is getting weird, much like a mom brain. You get the idea though. I used to feel like I was pretty sharp, on top of things, never forgot anything and seriously judged those who couldn’t remember the simplest things (darn moms, what is wrong with them?). And then…kids. 

Now I strategically park beside the cart return just so I won’t lose my car (and so I don’t have to choose between returning my cart and leaving my kids alone in the car, moral dilemma). Yet still, 9 times out of 10, I have to go on a hunt for my car. Please don’t comment with advice on using my key clicker to honk the horn ’cause I lost that thing right after I had baby #2.

To the point (though I could revisit this mom brain topic another day and end up with a book): let your calendar tell you what to do, don’t go at it alone.

Best agenda for moms


For a long time now I have been using a Google Calendar to keep myself organized and so as not to forget what my job is every day. Not kidding, one day something crashed and I had literally no idea what I was supposed to do that day. I sometimes question who thinks it’s a good idea for me to run a household, raise children and businesses.

Nevertheless, we survive and succeed, and it’s owed in major part to Google Calendar. Seriously, it’s the best agenda for moms.

While I am quite certain you are enjoying my wasting your time by rambling on about my own self-prescribed mom brain syndrome, I also understand that a good bit of people prefer their tutorials via video. So, you can thank me later, or now (in the comments), because I have put together both for you. First, the video for those of you who learn best that way. And following the video, the written out tutorial for the rest of you who are like me and just want to scan to the part I really want to know, try to do it myself, get frustrated when I can’t figure something out and come back and read the whole thing like I should have the first time. No judging, I do it too.


Manage daily work/business to-dos/tasks
Set up weekly or monthly recurring reminders for daily tasks. For example, I send the same report to a client every Monday so I have that recurring on my calendar. I also run the same reports on the 1st of the month every month, so the same reminders recur on day 1 of every month. You can also add in on the fly to your agenda things like “Call Sally” on Tuesday when you think of it on Sunday, and it will be in your Tuesday morning agenda email.

Manage your household
Monthly reminders to change your AC filter or maintenance your pool pump. Annual reminders to have your osmosis system serviced. Quarterly reminders to schedule pest control. Monthly reminders to give your dog his heartworm medicine.

Manage your family’s schedule
Billy has soccer on Tuesday night and every Saturday. Caroline has gymnastics Thursdays and dance Tuesday mornings. You need a spa date. You get what I’m saying.


  1. Go to If you have never used your Google Calendar before, it will be blank,
    like this:
    Blank Google Calendar
  2. Click a day/time (I like to start my list at 5am, so if I have a lot to do that day I just fill in the times one thirty-minute block at a time. The time doesn’t really matter when using this as a to-do list.) For example, if you do a task every Monday, click on 5am Monday. In the Add Title box, enter the name of the task. Then click More Options.Creating daily events in Google Calendar
  3. Set up your recurring reminder by choosing the Does Not Repeat drop-down. If you do this task every Monday, choose Weekly on Monday for example. If you do this once per month on this date, choose Custom and then choose Repeat Every 1 Month on then choose Monthly on Day X (maybe the 1st, 15th, etc). Click blue Save button.
    Creating recurring reminders in Google Calendar
  4. Continue adding your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and setting up recurring reminders. Don’t worry about times of day. If you have an actual meeting or appointment come up and that time is blocked out by a to-do list, simply drag and drop your to-do list items to an open time slot. The idea is to get them to be on your list for the day that is emailed to you. If you do set up a meeting I suggest picking a bright color like red so it stands out in your list and you know that color means it’s an actual appointment versus to-do item.Google Calendar
  5. Now, set up your notifications. To do this, mouse over the calendar name in the lower left-hand area.You will see 3 vertical dots appear, click there. Then click Settings and Sharing.Google Calendar Settings and Sharing
  6. Scroll down to General Notifications, and under Daily Agenda, choose Email.
    Google Daily Agenda
  7. On this page you can also choose to Get a Shareable link to share with your spouse, assistant, co-workers or even make your calendar public and get embed code to place on your website for scheduling. Your settings will save automatically, so click the grey back arrow in the top left-hand corner when you’re finished, and then stare at the beauty that is your newly organized life.
  8. Wait for it…wait for it…your daily emails will start coming to your inbox, and will look something like this:Daily Agenda in your inbox

Any time you think of something new or something changes, you can easily add, edit, and delete reminders from your calendar very quickly.

I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. I could not possibly run two completely different businesses and a blog from home while managing a household, two small children and now a puppy (yes we are crazy) without being proactive and organized. Take some time to set this up and you’ll thank yourself later!

If you have any feedback or questions I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or email me at [email protected]

Happy planning!!

make mom life easier


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