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Canva Tutorial: How to use Canva for beginners

Canva tutorial

I hear it all the time… I can’t do what you do because I can’t make those pretty graphics. Hold it right there, moxie mama. We have a rule in our house and that is: Don’t say you CAN’T. Don’t want to? Acceptable. Don’t care to? Same thing. Don’t know how? Okay. You CAN learn. If you want to. And thankfully for you, there are several tools out there to help you make graphics even without that fancy graphic design degree or expensive software. (Side-note: I have a graphic design degree, and it’s not that fancy but it was quite expensive.)

One of the aforementioned tools is Canva. For all of my freelance clients and professional design projects, I use programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, depending on the project. For most things related to this blog, I use Canva.

I realized early on into leading a team of other work-at-home-moxie-mamas, that duplication is imperative. That is, I wouldn’t ask anyone on my team to do something that I have not gone before them and done myself.

Canva makes things very duplicatable, is very user-friendly, and comes with countless templates for those who are less design-inclined. Plus, you can share graphics with your team, your friends, your mama…whoever. That’s a great feature, especially if you find yourself with an assistant, a team, or a volunteer to help you (if you find one of those let me know).

What’s even better? It’s FREE. Yes, us moxie mamas love a good, handy, free tool. There are stock images within Canva that are paid additions to your graphics, but I have only ever once used any of them at the super affordable price of…wait for it… one dollar.

There is a PRO Version of Canva.

And, I highly recommend it. It has more features, allows you to set up branding in your account for easier designing, and includes access to the aforementioned paid additions.

Using the free version of Canva

So first things first, head on over to and create a free account.

You’ll see a screen that looks like this, just use the quick sign-up form to create your account.

Some great points about Canva:

Now, you have an account and you know the perks. Next, watch this video tutorial I made to walk you through creating graphics with Canva. Then, read on below for some outlined tips & tricks.

Tips & Tricks for using Canva

Now you know the basics, go play in Canva! I would love your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Always feel free to email me at

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