This summer on our way to visit family in Tennessee, we stopped for a few days in Amelia Island, Florida. I fell in love with the trees and the dunes and the kids fell in love with the wild tortoises and and horses.

Below I’ll share with you all the details on where we stayed and why we loved it, things to do, where to eat, and what to know!

Where to Stay in Amelia Island

We rented an AirBnB in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort community, this AirBnB specifically. It was perfect for our family of 5! It had a large room with large bunks and a separate bed, perfect for our 3 kids. They had their own bathroom and their own balcony.

In the middle was the kitchen, dining and living area, then to the right was the master and master bath. The entire thing was spacious, cute, right on the beach and had beautiful views.

The condo itself was not the only reason we loved where we stayed, however. Being in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort community meant access to all of the restaurants and activities within the community. More on that below!

Things to Do in Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a beautiful place and we really enjoyed checking it out for a few days. Here are some of the things we would recommend to do while you’re there:


Of course you have to check out the beach. I love beaches with natural dunes like Amelia Island has. There are tons of wild tortoises around!

Tip: Double-check if your AirBnB or hotel offers beach chairs and towels before you leave, so you know if you have to pack them. We forgot to do this and our rental didn’t have chairs. We ended up buying chairs at Walmart and they were so tiny Chris barely fit. At least it was a funny memory!


It’s great to rent somewhere that has it’s own pool, because quite frankly, the kids get sick of the beach. Our pool was great because it had wild tortoises around it so the kids were very entertained the whole time. They even named every tortoise around the pool with some other kids they met.

Amelia Island River Cruise

We took the Amelia Island River Cruise and to be honest we had one goal in mind: see the wild horses on Cumberland Island. Alana, our daughter, loves horses so this was a must-do. I think I enjoyed the cruise the most because there was a great breeze, there was shade on the boat and it was really interesting hearing about all the history of the island.

To be honest, the kids got really bored because the cruise was 2.5 hours! But, there are shorter options! We did get to see lots of wild horses though, so that was a highlight.

Putt Putt

There are several putt-putt places on the island. We chose the one in the Omni community because it was in walking distance and also because it’s shaded fully by huge, beautiful oak trees which helped with the heat!

More Things to Do in Amelia Island

Festivals You Can Catch Depending on When You Visit

Where to Eat in Amelia Island

We tried to make a point to eat in a lot, especially for breakfast and lunch, on this trip. However, we did try some restaurants. Here’s where we ate:

Oceanside at the Omni

Our first evening there, we at dinner at Oceanside. We loved the vibe and the food was delicious. Their calamari was probably my favorite!

Falcon’s Nest

Also conveniently located in the Omni community, we ate at Falcon’s Nest our last night in Amelia Island. It has some really cool decor the kids loved. The food was great. Kai had a burger that he scarfed down and Chris enjoyed the cold beer. The service was really great, too!

Arte Pizza

The day we took the river cruise we had lunch at Arte Pizza. It’s located in the historic downtown area and I had read about it on another blog before we went to Amelia Island. We had pizza and salads, and everything was great! Someone had said it was the best pizza they had ever had in their life, and while we didn’t agree (pizza is so subject to personal preference), we thought it was good pizza! My beet salad was really great, and Chris got a greek salad he liked!

Other than that, we really tried to eat in as much as possible, using the kitchen in our AirBnB. We took advantage of sales at the local Publix and had a night of crab legs, which in my opinion was more fun than going to a restaurant.

Here is a list of the rest of the restaurant options in the Omni at Amelia Island.

Our Favorite Things about Amelia Island, Florida

I would say my favorite part of Amelia Island was the nature itself. The whole place is just beautiful, even just driving down the roads. The trees cover the roads, there is a lot of green and natural landscape around, the dunes at the beach are beautiful… nature, nature, nature.

For the kids, they loved the nature too, I guess, because their favorite part was the tortoises they got to spot everywhere!

Overall, I am really happy we visited Amelia Island and got to spend a few days in such a beautiful and historic place. It’s a great place for families to visit!

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