If you’ve never been to Disney before, or you’ve been and felt unprepared, you need to read my list of things to bring to Disney below! These are the top things that I am so thankful I brought with us, and will always bring when we go again and again, because of course once you go to Disney you can’t help but go back!

Things to Bring to Disney: My Must-Haves

Some of these things friends suggested, some my mama brain anticipated needing. Either way, I’m so glad I brought them and now I’m sharing with you!

1. Backup Battery Chargers

This is #1 on my list of things to bring to Disney because your phone cannot die while in Disney. Repeat after me: “My phone cannot die while I am in Disney!” And not because you need it to take cute photos (that’s what the photopass is for) but because you need it for the Disney app, to plan rides, food, and basically your entire Disney life. Since you’ll be on it so much, navigating your way around the rides, park and food, you will likely kill your battery half way through the day and for that, you need a portable battery charger. Look at us, anticipating problems and solving them.

I have both of these:

2. These shorts or something similar

I wore these shorts in a different color every day for a week. Yeah, they are that good. And yes, they come in that many colors (more, actually). Here’s why you need to consider your attire and just wear these shorts (or similar ones):

  • You’re going to get wet on rides, and these dry fast and actually feel refreshing rather than miserable when wet.
  • You’re going to sweat, and these don’t show your butt sweat to people. Need I say more?
  • They have a zipper pocket. This is important because … well I feel like if you have kids you can think of 57 reasons right now why this is important but… for me, I put my kids’ Disney cards in my zipper pocket between rides and on rides (Chris and I wore the magic bands). Sometimes, I also carried other random things in my zipper pocket and whatever it was, it was protected from water and couldn’t fall out on rides. Winning.

Do yourself a favor, get the shorts, wear the shorts, love the shorts:

3. Flip Flops (but hear me out)

Do not wear flip-flops to Disney. That is not my advice to you. You are going to be walking a lot. However, have you ever sloshed around an amusement park in wet sneakers for hours? More importantly, have you ever had your pre-teen son slosh around in wet sneakers for hours in the heat, and then take his shoes off in your hotel room? This is not good for anyone.

Therefore, pack some cheap, thin (so they don’t take up much room), easy flip-flops for the whole family, and before you get on any water rides, swap your sneakers for the flops real quick, then swap back after the ride. Send me your thank you note later.

4. Charging Port for Nighttime

This one stays in your hotel room, but for me it was great to have for night-time when I need to charge everything up for the next day but I also didn’t want to lose or forget it the next morning. We had magic bands, my Apple watch, Chris’s Fitbit, both of our phones, and my backup battery chargers. I actually have two different charging ports at home, so I just brought one from home, and that way everything to plugged up in one spot at night and the next morning it was all there together to be repacked or put back on a wrist or whatever it may be. I have both of these:

5. Cooling Towels

Stick one of these for each family member in a ziploc bag in your cooler bag with ice and you will be so glad you did when you get hot. Putting one of these on the back of your neck, or especially on little ones who overheat easily is a game-changer.

6. Handheld and/or Neck Fans

Speaking of heat, we had a neck fan and a handheld fan that misted water, and we all enjoyed each one at different times. If you’re going in a cooler part of the year you may not need these, but they’re good to have for even just day trips to the zoo or beach.

7. Dramamine

Alright, maybe I am old, but some of the virtual reality rides gave me motion sickness. Avatar Flight of the Passage was my absolute favorite ride, but if I barely looked left or right I got very sick. I don’t know about you, but once motion sickness hits me, I can’t shake it for the rest of the day. I have to sleep for a while to get rid of that icky feeling. So, dramamine. Non-drowsy kind, of course.

8. Water Bottles

Don’t waste money on buying water over and over. Bring refillable water bottles. Disney has water refill stations!

9. Packed Lunch

I know that part of the experience at Disney is the food, but hear me out. We wanted to reserve our food spending for really good dinners, like character dining. Now you can order food ahead in the app and grab and go at many places, but for us, it was easy and preferable to pack lunches from our kitchen in our hotel room. Then when we had a little wait between our rides, we just found a place in the shade to sit and enjoyed our lunch. Then, we spent more on nice dinners or treats along the way.

10. Sunscreen

This feels like a no-brainer, but bring it in your bag. You’re going to want to reapply, at least to faces and any exposed shoulders, etc. I like the stick kind shown below because its super easy to put on and not messy.

Can I add one more now? Gah, bring a backpack! Even if you have a stroller, a backpack comes in handy when you have to park it.

There you have it, friends! My top 10 things to bring to Disney. Am I missing anything on this list? Comment below!

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