Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

My husband’s grandmother says, “Many hands make light work.” I love that saying. All family members benefit when the housework is distributed. Children learn responsibility and priceless life skills by doing household chores.


Toddler Chores

2-3 year olds can do these chores!

Pick Up Toys and put into toy bins / baskets Clear their place at the table by taking their plate and cup to the kitchen after a meal Carry their dirty clothes to the laundry room or laundry basket Handing hangers to you as you hang clothes


Preschool Chores

4-5 year olds can do these chores!

All Toddler chores Make their beds Help put clothes away and hang their own clothes on hangers Take recycling out Dust furniture Feed animals


Elementary Chores

6-8 year olds can do these chores!

All Toddler & Preschool aged chores Set the table for dinner Wash dishes in sink Put clean clothes away on own Start the washer and dryer  Sweep floors


+Elementary Chores

9-11 year olds can do these chores!

All Toddler, Preschool, & Elem.Chores Help in meal preparation Clean toilets Clean bathroom sinks, counters, mirrors Walk dogs Help pack lunches


Middle School Chores

12-14 year olds can do these chores!

All chores from younger ages Clean showers/tub/full bathroom Mop floors Help supervise younger children Make their own breakfast, & yours too! Do their own laundry, & yours too!

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